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Keyboard Shortcuts

These are the default keyboard shortcuts for the Enlightenment window manager.

Key Combination Effect
Shift F10 Maximize Vertically
Ctrl Menu Show Clients Menu
Alt F1 Switch to Desktop 0
Alt F2 Switch to Desktop 1
Alt F3 Switch to Desktop 2
Alt F4 Switch to Desktop 3
Alt F5 Switch to Desktop 4
Alt F6 Switch to Desktop 5
Alt F7 Switch to Desktop 6
Alt F8 Switch to Desktop 7
Alt F9 Switch to Desktop 8
Alt F10 Switch to Desktop 9
Alt F11 Switch to Desktop 10
Alt F12 Switch to Desktop 11
Alt Tab Next Window
Alt Menu Show Favorites Menu
Alt Esc Run Everything module
Win Space Show Plugins Plugin
Ctrl Shift F1 Send to Screen 0
Ctrl Shift F2 Send to Screen 1
Ctrl Shift F3 Send to Screen 2
Ctrl Shift F4 Send to Screen 3
Ctrl Shift Left Send Mouse Back 1 Screen
Ctrl Shift Right Send Mouse Forward 1 Screen
Alt Shift Up Flip Desktop Up
Alt Shift F10 Maximize Horizontally
Alt Shift Tab Previous Window
Alt Shift Down Flip Desktop Down
Alt Shift Left Flip Desktop Left
Alt Shift Right Flip Desktop Right
Ctrl Alt A Show Favorites Menu
Ctrl Alt D Show Desktop
Ctrl Alt F Maximize
Ctrl Alt I Iconic Mode Toggle
Ctrl Alt K Kill
Ctrl Alt L Lock
Ctrl Alt M Show Main Menu
Ctrl Alt R Shade Up Mode Toggle
Ctrl Alt S Sticky Mode Toggle
Ctrl Alt W Window Menu (brings up menu to max/min etc.)
Ctrl Alt X Close (like Alt F4 in windows)
Ctrl Alt Up Raise
Ctrl Alt End Restart
Ctrl Alt Down Lower
Ctrl Alt Left Flip Desktop Linearly Left
Ctrl Alt Right Flip Desktop Linearly Right
Ctrl Alt Space Show Plugins Plugin
Ctrl Alt Delete System Control (Popup for Shutdown/Logout/Restart etc.)
Ctrl Alt Insert Command

They can be reconfigured under Main Menu → Settings → Settings Panel → Input tab → Key Bindings.

Create custom shortcuts on Bodhi Linux

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