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Wireless Interface

Wireless chipsets and dongles can be troublesome in Linux. Here are some problems and solutions found by Bodhi Linux users.

Netgear USB dongle required NDISWrapper

Forum member IRCLemur reports his efforts to get his wireless working:

My Netgear WG111v1(rev2) USB dongle is supported by the Prism p54usb driver - and it was once I added the necessary firmware to /lib/firmware.
The card was recognized & would ifconfig & iwconfig properly. However, I couldn't get dhclient to lease an IP from the router after days of trying across multiple distros. A common fix that seemed to work for others but never for me included blacklisting various possible conflicting modules.
But the only thing that's worked for me is this:

Boot into the live environment; There is no need to manually install the proper firmware.

Download the following to an accessible drive when booted into Bodhi:

NOTE: These packages are for Ubuntu Lucid. Be sure that you know release version you are using and that you download the correct packages for your release version.

Once in the live Bodhi environment, simply find the .deb packages and install them in the above order. Then open 'ndisgtk' and install the Windows .ini file associated with your wifi adapter. After that, you might have to remove and plug your adapter back in, or reboot. This method also worked for a Linksys PCI card that is totally unsupported by linux.

While this has worked flawlessly for me across versions of Ubuntu, I can only assume that it will work with other distros and their respective ndiswrapper packages

Broadcom 43xx wifi card

The open source b43-fwcutter drivers can be used with these cards, but often give sub-optimal performance (high cpu usage, for example). This alternate setup has given excellent results on the Broadcom bcm4312 and should also work on other cards in that family.

Run the following line in terminal:

sudo apt-get purge b43-fwcutter && sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r) broadcom-sta-source

Reboot and you should be good to go.

Note The above method requires an active internet connection! So find a cable and plug in.

Atheros chipsets

(most Eee PCs) work out-of-the-box at full speed.

Cards with the Ralink 2870 (i.e. D-Link DWA-125) work out-of-the-box since Bodhi 1.5, at 54Mbit (no N-Speed).

Forum member meanpt had to update his kernel to get his Broadcom 4313 to work:
“Is there a way to dowload the kernel 2.6.38 plus headers, as binary packages, and install them off-line? It happens synaptics only builds a script to download and install packages in another computer and so, it still requires an up and running conection … no, I don't have access to the simplest thing on earth as a wired connection…
(Bodhi kernel related packages can be grabbed from here)
The only solution that works with my broadcom 4313 is: kernel generic and its headers, plus the driver firmware - brcm80211_0.28_all.deb. This kernel alone do not provide support for this wireless card.
The next kernel available in the repository, either alone either with the above mentioned driver, do not provide support for this card.”

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